Introduction: Scrap Lumber Bin From Scrap Lumber

I moved into a new shop,that had years of woodworking scraps,everywhere,I need floor space to move my wheelchair around,and just can't think in a cluttered space.So I decided to make a scrap bin to put all the cut-offs in,I had a "sheet" of 3/4" ply,The reason I say "Sheet" is it wasn't really 4'x8' sheet but 39"x6' sheet from a pallet I got where I both my lathe.Even though the drawing shows the design using a full sheet,If you change the measurements or glue,screw or nail scraps into panels you can build one,even use a pallet and fill in the spaces,and small pallets for the sides.So the point is this doesn't have to be exact measurements,remember it's a Scrap lumber bin from scrap lumber!And as you can see, one side had warped ply.I could of fixed it But it is a Scrap lumber bin from scrap lumber!

Step 1: Gather Up Your Scraps,we'll Come Rejoicing Gathering Up Our Scraps!

First Gather up your scraps for your build,be it plywood,or boards.If you are using boards nail up your boards into panels of the size for each piece. I.e if a piece is 2x4' then lay out boards to make a panel 2x4'. If use plywood,then you can lay-out the pieces.I could only get the bottom,and sides out of the piece I had,so I had to scrounge up another couple pieces one for the back (I could of used boards there, and a piece for the dividers.and cut to size.

Step 2: Screw It Together

After cutting your pieces to size,It's time to screw them together.I use the Kreg Pocket hole jig to put 3 screws into each side and the middle,for a better look,mark the inside of the sides and then you can drill and screw on that side so you don't see the in a order of screw one side,then a divider,then the center piece,and then fasten the other-side of the divider,then a divider,then the side piece,then fasten the other side of the divider.I found if the holes are in the back on the dividers it will be easier to fasten them and from the front look even better.

Step 3: And Where Back!

Now it's time to fasten on the back,you can screw with small screws thought the back of the panels into each side and middle piece,or use small nails.If you have enough wood make the back go all the way up to the top of the sides,or you could add a board above where My panel ended up near the top,"just seems to work better".but it works fine now without.the extra board.

Now I had bought like for sets (4 ea) of 500 lb rated casters just because I would use them someday and the price was a lot cheaper than the I tip the bin over and screwed in 4 casters to the bottom. Look for heavy-duty casters they have ratings on them.and lumber even scrap gets heavy.

So build, enjoy and vote for this.

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