Introduction: Scrap Material Scotty Dog

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Hi instructablers!

In this instructable I am going to show you how to make a lovely Scrap material Scotty dog.

Its a quick and easy instructable that can be done with all ages and uses materials that are cheap/free and readily available or if you want to spend a bit of money on it and buy in some nice acrd or material it only serves to make a nice project even nicer looking :)

Lets get started

Step 1: What You'll Need


Some corrugated card (single ply is best but double ply can be used, it's just a bit thicker).
On old t-shirt or another strip of scrap material.

Some old buttons or anything else you would like to make eyes from.

Glue (I'm using glue dots but pva can also be used, it just takes a bit longer to dry)


The templates. I have sized them to fit on a piece of A4 paper/card but you can scale them up or down depending on your needs.

Craft knife

Cutting mat



Step 2: Draw It Out

Cut out your templates and use them to map out your Scotty dogs head and body

Important note. Draw the template making sure that the flutes of the cardboard run horizontal with the shortest length of the dogs head/body (basically from the front to to the back). It will make it easier to fold in the later steps

Step 3: Cut It Out

Using your craft knife cut out your shapes.

Important note. When cutting out what will be the neck (the "T" shape on the body) you only need to make one slice and not cut out the entire T shape of the template. Its only make that wide so you can fit a pencil in there to mark it out. This also applies to the tail slot opposite the T and the ears of the dog (I have attached picture for clarity)

Another Important note. Keep a small piece of card aside for a later step

Step 4: Folding and Sticking

The body

Fold the body from the outer points of the "T" cut making sure that the two sections underneath pop up to form the neck.

Fold the panel at the top of the legs (The belly) and then fold the panel at the end of that to create a bridge between both sides and glue into place.

The Head

Fold the ears up at the natural point of folding and then fold the side of the head in the opposite direction.

Put some glue on the outside of the neck and attach to the inside neck section of the body.

Step 5: Adding the "Fur"

Take your chosen material (in my case and old t-shirt) and cut a strip from it approx 2 inches high. I am simply cutting straight across the t-shirt creating a hoop but it wont make any difference if you are just cutting strips from material.
Fold up your bit of material and cut tassels into it remembering not to cut all the way through. open it up and in my case cut through it at one point to turn it into a strip.

Starting near the bottom attach on end of your strip with the tassels pointing down the way and start wrapping the material round the body gradually working your way up (how gradual is up to you depending on how "furry" you want to make your dog) and attached the end of it. repeat until you have covered the sides of the body.

Step 6: The Top and Tail

Take a shorted piece of your tasselled material and roll it up.

Slot this into the tail slot.

Take some more shorter pieces of the tasselled material and attached that onto any cardboard that can still be seen along the back.

Step 7: The Head

Using the same technique as the body start at the neck and wrap the tasselled material around the head. Use smaller bits to cover any exposed cardboard (I wouldn't worry about the ears as I think it adds to the dogs "character" having them as card sticking out)

Step 8: My Dog Has No Nose...

..But how does it smell?


Badum tish.....ahem...sorry.

Anyway, using lue dots attach the buttons at either side of the head to make eyes.

An remeber that bit of card you kept aside? well trim it down to make a nose shape (I like the "superman" logo shape but its entirely up to you) and attach it to the front.

Step 9: Finished!!

And Tadaaaa!


If you want you can take another piece of material or ribbon to make a collar or use other things you have laying around to embellish on it :)

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always, thoughts, comments and even photos of your own Scrap Scotty dogs are welcome in the comments section below.

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