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Hello. Now we've established Empire is the best with no argument we can start making our own walker to keep the spiders out but clones in! This is a simple structure and will only take 1 evening or 2 for the perfectionists within the community. You will need a welder for this project since it involves cutting valves and glue wont cut it.

There's Items in this that isn't readily available but can be substituted for other items, a valve can easily be replaced with two nails and a washer, just use the imagination and get that grape in your melon working!

Step 1: Tools & Materials


Don't mess around with sharp metal

Do religiously wear safe glasses at all times and full face mask when cutting hardened steel

Do wear welding gauntlets when welding

Always wear a welding mask when tacking or welding

Always wears UV protected clothes when welding and long sleeves

"uhhhh yeh whatever daad"

So tools are common, affordable and everything will probably have them kicking around or in the cracks in the sofa somewhere, I've over looked a few tools here like a hack saw or a grinder but It depends what you'll be using for your project, if youre recreating mine you will need a hacksaw or metal cutting discs.


  • Pliers (assorted)
  • Tin snips
  • Scissors
  • Razor/safetyblade
  • Hammer
  • Wirebrush or wheel
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Drill bits
  • Welder (Mig is easier, Tig is cleaner but stick will be hard with sheet metal)
  • Hacksaw/grinder with cutting disc

Materials are dependant on accessibility but everything can be bought or asked for, go to a local engine builder or workshop for the valves, Im sure they'd be more than happy to help out and you'll most likely leave with more valves you know what to do with!

  • Sheet metal (try your best to use offcuts)
  • Engine valves
  • Rivet ends/nails
  • washer
  • 10mm bolt
  • 10mm nuts
  • hoop? / ball joint cowling

Step 2: Inspiration & Design

Well we all know where this Idea is from but really get in the mood to build it, think of a galaxy a long time ago, think of explosions, blowing up hamsters with laser guns and most of all, dont think of that time a ATST crew was crushed. Rest in peace (long time ago - a little less time ago)

So I laid all my parts out to see what I was working with and know my limitations because limitation is the mother of creativity! So Im in the Imperial mood and Im digging my parts so I get to sketching, obviously this will be different to yours since all scrap is different but Ill show you how I got my scale. To do this I first drew around my valves and added the kink in it, once I had that I started cutting and welding using the fame for the scale of the cabin.

Step 3: Bending the Valve

I tried my best to bend the valve but because it is hardened steel and I was doing it cold I was loosing before I started. They can be bent using a blow torch and heating the metal up but a quicker fool proof way of doing it was just to cut them and weld it back together in the position I wanted. To cut I used a angle grinder but a hacksaw could be just as easy!

Step 4: Turn Table & Leg Fitting

Turn table

So the turn table, I got my legs and now Im going to make the base the body sits on. I wanted the top to rotate and I have a diagram on how I managed that. I used a washer, a bolt and 2 nuts.

So the bolt and nut doesn't clamp the washer so I cannot turn it, I wound the nut down over the bolt and washer so it was tight but could still turn and then I wound another nut over the bolt and tightened the nut closest to the washer back up to fight against the other nut and I'll use the second nut to weld the body to! If you lost me there is a picture above!

I also added some little hooks to mess about with some toys (shhh)

Leg fitting

Pretty straight forward, I welded the legs to the turn table and created a frame. I tried to pose the legs in a more dynamic stance than plain and simply straight, let me know how they turned out!

Step 5: Cabin

So this is where it really becomes a nightmare. Scale.


So I sat my frame on a piece of paper and drew lines from the middle of the feet as a MAXIMUM guide/ Ideal width and then another two outlines from the centre nut so I can draw out from that on both sides, that also makes me limit how deep I make the cabin. And then cut my shape I was fairly happy out , I didn't snip the corners off the front off because I used it as a ruler to guide my side pieces.

Side pieces

So my side panels are eye balled for the most part, for the height I laid my frame/legs out and just looked at my reference and drew a line where it looked about right. I then continued to do front to rear sale and then filled in the lines where I was happy.


The top was all eyeballed but I added numbers to make myself look smarter than I am? So the cabin slants back, I drew around my base and took 5mm off my front and added 10mm to the back and then added 5mm to the sides making the top bulge out more. Dont listen to the numbers I wrote,I must have been half asleep when I did those!

I realise that I described this and that could get dangerous so I scanned my templates and took a photo of them, you can save them and cut the photos to a photo editing software, scale it and then print it out A4


I then cut all my shapes out and made a paper/card template of it so I knew I was happy.

Step 6: Metal Cutting and Melting

Metal cabin time!

So I transferred my paper ones over and cut them using my tin snips. After a quick blast with the mig I had them together in no time making sure the lower part was on before the last nut and then I welded the nut to the cabin so the cabin becomes the nut.

Step 7: Vision Ports, Drivers Hatch, Guns & Some Other Stuff

Vision ports

I almost forgot and didn't add any vision ports for the driver and gunner, This was simple and quick. I snipped 4 lines, 2 each side and used pliers to bend the tab back and forth till it broke off and used the broken tab as the shutter itself

Commanders hatch

I used a washer to create my hatch opening and then welded it and driller the middle out so the commander and get in and out.


For the guns I just used the rivet ends, cut two slats with a cutting disc on a grinder. These turned out sweet as and you can weld them long and play around with the length by cutting them down.

Leg armour

Not on the original but I went down the path of diesel punk and opted for the extra armour package, never know how feisty the garage spiders get! I cut two small rectangles out, cut the edges, used a hole punch to re-create bolts and wrapped some thinner rivet ends round my pliers and tacked them on as ladders, then welded both on them to the thighs


Also not on the original but how does the walker mechanic make field repairs? I don't know either so lets add some ladders on the side. I used rivet ends and made bends in the ends of two and welded smaller rivet ends between them before cutting it right down the middle to make two ladders out of one! I tacked these onto the body. Doesn't need more than a tack and you have to be careful not to melt the rivet end

Exhaust and shroud

I wish I never added this but its on the finished product so I have to show you now... I got a big nail and cut it down after I made a 90 degree bend in it, I then welded it onto the back to vent engine gases and then added a shroud. I cut a square and then along two edges hole punched it to simulate bolts being there. I then wrapped this around a 3/8 extension before welding it onto the body.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

I needed to assemble it, wire brush it and then add some special anti-space pressure paint.

I quickly ran over the body with my wire brush to get rid of all the burn marks and then degreased it, let it dry fore adding some labour. This would prevent any space or galaxy rust, but most of all.. spider guts from when its patrolling my garage!

I'd love to see your takes on it in the comments or in a private message! Love the feed back on the model, good or bad! Thank you and be safe instructablerererererers!

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