Introduction: Scrap Steel Bookends

I have a bunch of scrap steel (1" square tube and #9 expanded sheet) leftover from a bourbon bar I built recently. Below the bourbon bar, I built a bookcase to show off some cool books. But to properly hold and display the books, I needed some unique bookends. Digging in my workshop, I came across a box of drops (leftover steel pieces) and a stack of odd shaped leftover #9 expanded sheet.


Any steel leftover pieces - 1" - 2" square tube steel

#9 Expanded sheet steel - (makes for a good base)

Welder: either MIG or Stick

Angle grinder to cut the scrap metal to length


Speed square

Step 1: Tack Weld

I found a nice piece of metal that had already been welded into a 90 degree piece. I cut the ends so that it would sit like a triangle on the #9 expanded sheet. Then I tack welded the square steel tube to the #9.

Next I found a larger, almost 2" square steel that was probably a remnant from practicing welding. I stood that piece like a tower and tack welded it to the #9.

I didn't grind off or polish the steel. I wanted it to look industrial. In fact, on the 90 degree piece, I added some sloppy welding to make it look rougher.

Step 2: The Finished Product

I added felt pads to the bottom of the #9 so that the steel wouldn't scratch the paint on my bookcase.

I picked a few cool books to place between these bookends.

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