Introduction: Scrap Steel Sculpture's

About: Art made from scraps. Instagram: Ollysartsnscraps

Unfortunately I don't have any step by step for any of these sculptures. However they were made by using scrap steel from my local trailer repair mans scrap bin, none of them were planned. Just made in the moment by placing a piece and welding it on, followed by another piece and another piece. I hope you enjoy above is a weapons peace sign. Lots of weapons were made strictly for this, using scraps, others were x roommates, and others were found for free.

Step 1: Washer and Nail Balls

To make this one I used the very bottom ball as my template to get the round shapes for the washers and nails. By placing them on the ball and one by one adding them from the top of the ball working my way around till I got a half circle. Make two, and weld them together to get a ball. I then connected them with a chain

Step 2: Leaf Spring Hammock Stand

For this I again used scrap steel, the circles on the ends are from trailer wheel bearings, taken apart, the arms are big leaf springs from an old semi trailer, welded together to hold me and my hammock .

Step 3: Longboard Bench

The majority of this is made again from leaf springs , it's got a bouncy feel to it. While the back support is made from oilfield annualer gaskets. The boards are my broken and not used longboards , I decided I'd give them some use.

Step 4: Scrap Peace Sign

Using an old trailer rim as the main support, I then welding things on one by one again, any scraps you can find , until there is no more room for things.

Step 5: Transfer Case Airplane

Using a broken transfer case for the body, and trailer parts for the wings. This piece fit together like a puzzle. I didn't cut a single thing for this sculpture. Everything just worked.

Step 6: Atom

Step 7: Scrap Peace Sign 2

Same as the first. Rather then a rim for the base I used the circular top from an outdoor table, again just welding pieces until it was completely covered.

Step 8: Giant Grenade From Bearins