Introduction: Scrap Wood Clock

In this project, I made a watch from pieces of an old sofa

I saw a similar handmade wooden wall clock in etsy and decided to make it using plywood. It's a modern clock, without Roman or Arabic numerals. It is relatively easy to make. You need a few pieces of wood, any type of wood finish (not mandatory) and clock movement.

The video has all the steps



Sander, Router, Clamps, Saw,


A few pieces of wood

A wood finish,

Clock movement,

Epoxy (optional, You can leave holes empty)

Step 1: Wood Bonding

Glued pieces together by sorting them in a way that holes on wood left from a previous use will not occur in place of clock dial hols

All imperfections of wood should appear in the backside of the clock.

Step 2: Trimming the Board

Used custom made router jig to trim board to a consistent thickness.

Then I cut edges making a clock in perfect square shape.

Step 3: Fixing Imperfections

Used sanding sawdust mixed with wood glue to fill holes and imperfections in the backside of the board.

Left it to dry overnight and sanded with 80 grit

Step 4: Clock Face

Drilled hole in the center which will become a clock shaft hole at the end.

Then printed clock face on A4 paper and transformed hour positions on wood.

Used simple router jig to make holes for clock positions.

Step 5:

Step 6: Epoxy

Poured the epoxy with red mica powder into the holes of the dial.

Once the epoxy dries used planer jig to remove the excess of epoxy.

Some bubbles came out, so have to fill it with epoxy and repeat the process.

Step 7: Hole for Clock Movement

Used router jig to drill a hole for clock movement.

The jig is rectangle cut into chipboard pice. The size is chosen in a way that if my router slides over the egdes it makes 5.5sm x 5.5sm hole which is perfect for the movement I use.

Step 8: Sanding.

Started with 60 grit round sanding. Then rounded edges with router and continue with 80, 120 and 180 grits.

Sanded edges with handes.

Step 9:

Step 10: Final Result

Applied walnut oil and installed clock movement and hands.

Thanks for watching it. I hope this will help you make a similar project. And if you do please send me it.

Would be interesting to see.