Introduction: Scrap Wood Pot Plant

About: 15 year old from Sydney Australia who like doing woodwork and making stuff.

How to make a beautiful wooden pot-plant pot out of scrap wood.

Step 1: Sort Out Scrap Wood

Sort out your scrap and put into pieces that you think will be usable for the project. With the pieces sorted measure the shortest length and cut all the pieces to that length.

Step 2: Arrange and Glue

Arrange your scraps of wood so that the width is 150 mm, once you have four panels you can glue them together using a water resistant glue.

Step 3: Jointing and Thicknessing

Now that the glue has dried take them out of the clams and joint one face of the wood. Now put them through the thicknesser up so that they are all the same thickness.

Step 4: Measuring and Cutting the Length

Measure your plant and decide the dimensions of your box. I made mine 200mm. Using a mitre saw cut the panels to this length.

Step 5: Cutting the Compound Angles.

Now you need to cut a compound angles I cut mine on a 15° angle and a 45° mitre. Make sure you clamp the wood in place when you make this cut. Once you have cut four sides change the 15° to the other side and cut the other 4 sides.

Step 6: Routing the Groove

Use a router to route a grove for the base to sit in. The grove needs to be 1mm larger than the base to account for the angle the wood is on.

Step 7: Cutting the Base

Cut the base to fit the pot. Measure the shorter length of the miters and add two times the depth of the grove. Remember you can always take more off.

Step 8: Test Assembly

Test everything fits by assembling without glue to make sure everything is looking good.

Step 9: Glueup

When your happy with everything put tape on the back of the miters and glue the pot up. Then wrap in more tape and let it dry.

Step 10: Sanding

Sand the outside of the pot and any glue squeeze out. Sand to 320 grit.

Step 11: Clean and Finish

Vacuum the surface before applying finish. Then use mineral to finish the pot.

Step 12: Put the Plant In

Put the plant in the pot.

Step 13: