Introduction: Wood Table

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Impact drill
Screws and nails
I found a raft, parquet wood, drawers and some junk wood I used for the legs

*please wear protective gear when using heavy equipment
*remember: measure twice, cut once
Sorry for my poor English

Step 1: Gather Wood

Go dumpster diving!

Step 2: Making the Base

A raft is a great base, cut it using your jigsaw to preferred size

Step 3: Connecting the Top

Choose the wood you want on top of your table and screw it to the base

Step 4: Adding the Legs

Sadly I don't have pictures of this step but cut the legs to preferred size and connects to the base using L metal brackets or if you don't have them (I didn't) use other piece of wood to connect. After attaching the legs I screwed the wood from the drawers to the legs and used different wood on the drawers

Step 5: Drawers

I found drawers but if you don't have just make square with a base. Ad the rails to the base and insert drawers. I replaced the wood because it didn't fit right

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Cover the sides with wood of your choice and paint/apply finish or whatever you think is right.
And congratulation on your new table

Step 7: Thanks for Reading

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Also, this is my first instructable and I hope to post more soon

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