Introduction: Scrap Wood Undertale Heart Keychain!

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I had this quick and inexpensive idea to make a keychain, as I really enjoy making these, and you can use this method to make any personalized keychain!

Step 1: Round Up Those Supplies!

What I used:
-Hacksaw (cutting the wood)

-Cutter/ Exacto Knife (cutting the template out + making a hole)

-Pliers (for adding keychain to wood part)

-File (Making the wood smooth)






-Scrap wood

-Keychain (I ordered a pack of 10 from amazon)


-Bench Vice (I used a mini one, which is not needed, but it makes cutting the wood a whole lot easier.)

Step 2: Finding and Drawing the Template on the Wood Scrap

I searched up "undertale heart" on google, and found a nice heart which I printed and then traced onto the wood with a permanent marker.

Step 3: Cutting Time!

Take the piece of wood with the heart traced on, and start cutting it out slowly, around the edges. After you have cut it out, give it a quick sanding with any file.

Step 4: Colouring Time!

Take the wood heart you made and go ahead and colour it from all sides. (what else do I write??)

Step 5: Making the Hole for the Keyring

Take the exacto knife/cutter and rotate the cutter and make a hole on one of the edges. You can also use a drill to make this step easier, but I wanted to keep the use of tools to a minimum.

Step 6: Adding the Keychain

After you have made the hole 3-4mm in diameter, you can now proceed to the final step: adding the keychain. Take a keychain and using a pair of pliers (or 2), carefully open the end of the keyring, slide into the hole, and secure it shut.

Step 7: It's Done!

You are finally complete! This is a short instructable, and I was unsure what else I should have written. I hope you enjoy this simple trick to make keychains!

Step 8: ProTip: Quick and Simple Way of Putting Keychains Onto Your Bag/keys

If you find the keychain too stiff, or too hard to open with your fingers, you can use a staple remover, and have a keychain on your bag or house keys, with much less effort, and also protect your fingernails!

enjoy :))

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