Introduction: Scrap Wood to Bike Stand

This a project for school and a bike stand for my brothers new bike


22 and 26 inch pieces of scrap wood
Or what works for you
An angle
Measuring tape
Twelve 2 1/2in screws
A drill
A table saw or a skill saw
Lastly a hack saw

Step 1: Making Side Walls of the Stand

First i found the middle of the board and it was a 10 inches wide. I marked the middle on both sides and used the other scrap wood to make a strait line with the pensil.

Step 2: Find Scrap Wood

I had a lot of scrap wood and tried finding the best looking peices. The two scrap wood were the perfect size for the stand

Step 3: Cut the Scrap Wood

I had my dad with me so I used our table saw to cut the wood into three peices. This was so I had the two side walls were finished and all I had to do was cut the small blocks.

Step 4: Width of Bike Stand

I measure the width of the bike tire and found it a hair smaller than 2 1/2 inches. I marked and made a line across the 22 in mark on the wood.

Step 5: Making Tire Width Blocks

From before I know that the tire is 2 1/2 inches and with that i make marks on the extra peices of wood. I make 2 dots at the 2 1/2in on each side for both blocks.

Step 6: Making the Slot for Wheel

By putting together the walls and the spacers I can now screw the wood stand together. First I pre drill all the sides because the wood is old and dry, meaning it will probably crack if I didn't.
I use 2 screws on each corner to make sure it stays together.

Step 7: Cut the Small Blocks

Then I used a hacksaw to cut the wood to the size I want it. We are left with two 2 1/2in wide blocks that act as spacers.

Step 8: Screwing the Board to the Tire Holder

Turn the tire holder upside down and lay the board horizontally so there are four mane touching points. With each point I pre drilled and screwed the board to the stand.

Step 9: Final Product

I found that insted of having the board vertical and very unbalanced. I put it horizontal and made the stand a lot more sturdy. Also check to see if the tire fits.

Step 10: Video for Bike Stand

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