Introduction: Scrap Wood Chicken Coop

It was taking to long to add the video to this website, so i've put it on youtube. The link for the video.... thanks.

The coop is made from wood what I have found in skips. the run its self, I had to buy the mesh, felt, beams, hinges and bolts. But apart from that everything was scrap :)
Sorry i haven't got any photos to show you from the start, my phone was broke at the time.

All together i spent about 60 quid that was with the run beams, mesh, felt and hinges and bolts.

This coop is about 6ft by 4ft and should served about 5/6 birds for a good coop...

The coop beams are all 6ft tall and they are all different what i found so i had to cut them to size. I then found another four long beams and cut two of them to about 6ft and then the other two to about 4ft which was for the frame. I basically laid them on my garage floor and lined them up and used 3/4 inch screws to fix them together so it wasn't over lapping it just fitted in to a square shape. I then raised the frame about 2/3ft off the ground so the chickens could go underneath and this would stop any animals trying to dig in to the coop. I Then fitted the beams to the frame by wedging it up on to some chairs and just put a beam in each corner and used the same screws. At this point you could also fit some more wood on the inside of the frame for extra support but i didn't since i had no more wood. At the top of the beams about half a foot down I then put beams and fitted each one around like a square for the support wall The inside so i could fit pallet would for the main walls of the coop which i got free from a friend. I then found some ply wood and cut them to size to cover the full frame and make a floor. On the inside i put a small long piece of wood along the bottom and screwed it to the beams so i had support for the pallet would with screws. I used about 1/2 to 1 inch screws to fit the pallet wood or what i could find really. I also found a small mesh grill and so springs. i used the grill for the window and left a square out the pallet wood and just built a frame around it to fit to size... Rain could blow in so i need to get some plastic to cover it up but still haven't found out yet. For the nest box i have seen that people over lap with the floor but i didn't have enough so i just made do with what I had. I got two small pieces of wood and screwed them to the beams and fitted a piece of long wood across them. I then made a square frame and fitted this on the the wood so it stuck out about a foot, well the same distance with the nest box as the can see. I then got pallet wood and build up the side walls, i fitted the wood to the beams and got a small piece of wood for the further end to just support the box I then build a long flip door with screws which fit and attached the springs to the side wood and the door so it can flip down. For the roof i didn't just down the beam so it would slop, i just couldn't be bothered so i just attached 3 pieces of wood at the front, middle and both ends so it just attached to the beams and didn't overlap. The wood is just long pieces of plywood and i cut them to about 6half ft and fitted some long pieces of wood to made a big roof. I had to buy some felt and them just attached it.... with a sloping roof you get gaps at each side so i just cut some wood to size and screwed then in. I left a small gap the the front for a vent and just used mesh for the back part for a vent to. for the nest box roof i used chip board and just nailed them to the wood. For the slide door i used wood from a draw so it had a cut in the middle and could make it as a sliding action and i used chip wood for the door and pallet wood for the main door. The perch was just a basic design and the nest box i used chip wood to make 3 all together. If they was any gaps left i just used pallet wood to finish off :) I am going to try and upload a video to show you more. Thanks for looking and if there any questions please ask thank you.