Introduction: ScrapION Papercraft Robot

scrapION is your paper pal that's fun to be with!

scrapION is an emergent artificial life form from the far distant future after humans have left the planet or gone extinct. I was interested in making a robot with an organic feel and took inspiration (as many roboticists do) from the kingdom of bugs (in this case an arachnid). scrapION's purpose is to gather scrap to make more scrapIONs.

Step 1: Print Robot and Gather Supplies

Print this image fitting to letter size (8.5"x11") and grab a scissor

Step 2: Initial Cut-out

Cut around the dotted lines. Don't cut the dotted lines that separate the legs yet!

Step 3: Fold

Fold the "leg joints" along the solid lines. Fold under the body on the solid line nearest the can first, then alternate folding over and under.

Step 4: Final Cut

Now cut the dotted lines to separate the legs.

Step 5: Arise!

Adjust the legs so your new friend can stand up. Don't worry, the claws are designed to droop a little. How cute!