Introduction: How to Scrapbook

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Remember, this is supposed to be fun and entertaining. If it feels like a chore, stop and pick a different craft.


Scrapbook Binders (they are at most craft stores)

Plastic sleeves (most scrapbooks have them)

Scrapbook paper or decorated paper

Pictures of family and yourself



Stickers and decoration

Step 1: Scrapbooking

1. Take your supplies and set them up (remember, this might take a few days)

Then start with your pictures. You want to decide how to put them on paper and what decorations are going to go with them and what writing are going to go on the paper. You also might want to add a decorative border to your scrapbook. And that is completely fine.

Step 2: Gluing

2. Once you have your scrapbook planned and changes made, you can start gluing. Remember, once you glue, you can't take it off of the paper.

Step 3: Final Decoration

You might want to add stickers or sayings, and that is completely fine. After you glue your pics. down it is the time.

Step 4: Show Off

Once you have your scrapbook done, you can show it off to people and have fun with it.

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