Introduction: Scrappy Cooler - Homemade Fan Ventilation Machine

Hey, guys! So, this years summer is one of the hottest to come till now, so we need to find ways to get cool, and buying a new fan can be rather expensive, so this instructable walks you through the very simple desing process of this homemade fan. And yes, it looks clumsy and scrappy, but you can just use only basic idea from my instructable and create a tripple fan of your own wishes and adapt it to your own ideas. So lets begin.

Step 1: Collecting the Parts Needed

The peices are quite cheap, especially if you have an attic, full of old useles junk and machinery parts.

What you need is listed below:

- a box or housing for the cooler system of your choice ( I used this old broken Ibanez speaker, but a woodem box does the trick just fine also.

- cooling fans ( use as many as you like, I used ahe basjc 3, oen front, and two on sides. You choose how may You use)

- USB adapters (use as many as there is fans.)

- If you wish, you can add a power button/switch

- And you will aso need a USB multiport, which you connect the fans to and then to PC

- some tools are also needed: a screw driver and some screw

If you have it all at home, then its a free project but if not, the stuff won't cost you under 50 dollars

Step 2: The Desing Process

So, open the box and evaluate, how much fans you can put in it. Get the fans and conect them to the USB adapters (KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU ONLY NEED TO CONNECT TWO WIRES TO THE FAN, THE POWER WIRES ARE USUALLY RED AND BLACK OR WHITE AND BROWN. YOU CAN CUT OF THE OTHER WIRES.)

Use a drill and cut some holes, where you wish to put the fans and saw out the holes so air can get in and out of the box. Then place in the fans and use screw to fixate them to the box, but make sure you turn them the right way, so they blow air out and not in. You can put them inside the box or the outside, it does not matter. You can also put some nails on the back plate as seen above and use it to hang your keys and other stuff that gets lost real quick. Then connect the USB to multiport and plug into the computer. And you got yourself a fan ventilation system.

Below is a video of my finished fan system at work.

Step 3: Extra: Use As Air Refresher

In winter, when it's not hot, you can still use this project. Make sure you have enough place inside the box and put in an air refreshener, the kind (for an example) that you place into your car and the fans should blow out a nice smell into the room.

So, that's it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and best of luck to everyone who will try to duplicate this project.