Scratch Built Blaster

Introduction: Scratch Built Blaster

Just a photo instructable - Sorry I didn't know about instructables before so didn't take step by step photos.

This is my first attempt at a scratch built Storm trooper blaster.

Taking the plans form the Blaster Builders club website I  created my own version of the iconic weapon of the men in white armor.

Starting with a piece of PVC pipe I laid over the cutting plans and started drilling with a drill and my Dremel.  Pilot holes help but I found running the drill in reverse really helped and gives you a lot more control when getting through the pvc.

The grip was made with 3 pieces of MDF as described in the blaster builders manual. I used my jigsaw to cut and dremel to shape the grip. I thought I had shaped it too much but when I got my resin kit for the second blaster attempt I hadn't been aggressive enough.

The rail was a piece of aluminium stock I had laying around - just hand bent into shape.

The sight was made from the following - a plastic shot glass, a piece of plastic funnel, and a plastic pill case. All glued together and hose clamps attached to get it to stay on the rail.

The clip was the packaging of a self inking overdue stamp, and the receiver? was a small light switch box that the clip seem to fit into perfectly.

The counter was another stamp packaging box. 

The rest was made from small amount of sheet metal shaped from the blaster builders instructions (I used guttering fixings), end cap was just the PVC end cap and the muzzle  was a smaller end cap shaped with a dremel and detailed with a pillbox lid
and hex bolts. 

Once sanded and painted I added some cheap windscreen wipers.

Not a perfect replica by any means but does look good for around $20.

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hey if you still here can you throw me the plan or the manual. Ive been trying to find a freaking PVC master plan for the blaster for ages now.

    tech dawg
    tech dawg

    8 years ago on Introduction

    thi is so epic!!!! Im a total star wars nerd and now i have to try this great job!!!!!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks - I did a second one with doopy doos resin kit, more accurate but ultimately not as fun as trying to build it with "found" parts.

    I also built the rebel version with the left over bits and pieces.