Introduction: Scratch Crazy Maze

In this instructable I will tell you how to make a maze game ( I named it as crazy maze) :) in Scratch , a game developing software.

For first you need to download Scratch software version 1.4 by clicking on this - Scratch 1.4.

Step 1: Knowing Basic

Sprite : It is a thing or character for which you write the script.

Stage : It is the area where you see your Sprite moving.

Script area : You have to write a script by dragging the different blocks in this area and snapping it to fit into each other and is written for a sprite.

Block Palette : It is used to give instructions to the Sprite to perform a particular task.

Sprite Button : allows us to choose sprite, paint sprite and get a surprise sprite.

Green flag : block - when flag is clicked ; function - starts the script when green flag button is clicked.

Step 2: Some Block You Need to Know in Scratch for the Game

Motion Block : allows us to move sprite X no. of steps , X degree , or got to X=.. and y=..

ex : move 10 steps ( " the underline no. is the value that can be changed by programmer ").

Pen Block : makes the line in the way the sprite is moving.

ex : pen down- makes the line ; pen up - stop showing the line ; pen colour _ :this sets the colour of the line showed when pen is down.

operator : as the name suggests this block is used to operate with numbers

for example : 1 * 2

And the last but not the least

Broadcast : The Broadcast () block is a Event block and a stack block which sends abroadcast throughout the whole Scratch program. Any scripts in any sprites that are hatted with the When I Receive () block that is set to a specified broadcast will activate. This broadcast block lets scripts send broadcasts without any waits in its script (unlike the Broadcast () and Wait block). Broadcasts are a good way to have sprites and scripts communicate.

Step 3: Get Ready

Download the sprites you want , backdrops , button images , Awesome text and with your logical thinking.

You may take mine or from the internet.

open the zip file - adjust the backdrop and see how to adjust the backdrop to the best .

Step 4: My Ready Project ( Crazy Maze)

here i have uploaded my very own project Crazy Maze and you may play on the scratch website. link -Crazy Maze

if you liked it " plz comment and vote for me for winning the contest ".

And for any doubt you may ask me and i will help you in solving it .

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