Introduction: Scratch My Back-Jacket for SeaHawk Fans

I am an English Writing # 235 class student at Bellevue College. My English teacher gave me an assignment of how to write instructions and this reminded me one of the TV shows. Shark Tank is one my favorite TV shows. I often watch from YouTube and it is fascinating to watch because it motivates people. The host of the show are rich investors who like to accumulate any business idea that seem successful. What intrigues me is when these investors see a luctrative idea, they start to fight over it like school of sharks in the ocean fighting for meat. Many entrepreneurs apply for Shark Tank Show to become successful business owners. Some of the people become successful while the others fail to convince the investors. This show really inspired me. "why not me, why dont I want to invent something with easy instructions,'' I asked myself. I came up with a bizare and cool idea. I invented a fascinating jacket called Scratch My Back-Jacket, which can be easily opened and split into two parts. This jacket has many advantages, such as you can have the jacket in more than one color and you are able to mix-n-match the colors to create your own unique style. It is so simple that even a cosmopolitan gentelman like David Letterman or a cave man can figure out how to wear it. It can also be made in a variety of sizes so it can fit big politicians like Gov. Chris Christie. 

Feb 22, 2014

Step 1: Tools and Materials


. Sewing machine 
. Scissors
. Chalks
. Tailor ruler


. Jacket
. Zipper 28'' or 30''  depends on the size of the jacket

Step 2:

Turn the jacket inside out and face down on the table. Lay the tailor ruler in the middle of the jacket accurately.

Step 3:

Use the chalk to trace along the tailor ruler from top edge of the jacket until you reach its bottom.

Step 4:

Start to cut the traced line by using scissor.

Step 5:

Place the zipper on both sides of the jacket accurately and star to sew the zipper onto the lining sides of the jacket. Now it is ready to be worn.

Step 6: Warnings:

. Respect the copyright of the world
. It is already patented
. Do not fabricate and sell

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