Introduction: Scratch + Silhouette

Scratch sprites can be converted to SVG images. This is handy for cutting Sprite characters out of paper and thin fabrics using a machine like the Silhouette Portrait because there are Inkscape plugins which allow you to control these machines.

Here's our Instructable showing how to control a Silhouette machine through Inkscape on Ubuntu / RPi:

This is part of a Silhouette Build Night with Instructables at Knox Makers.

Step 1: Select Your Sprite

First, select the sprite you want to cut out with the Silhouette.

Step 2: Select the Costume

Select the costume tab of your sprite and make sure you are on the costume of that sprite that you want. Each sprite can have multiple costumes, remember.

Step 3: Convert to Vector Image

Next, convert to vector image if it is not already a vector image.

Step 4: Save As SVG

Next, right click on the costume that you converted to SVG and select "save to local file" (the phrasing may be different depending on your version and you may need to be logged in if using the online editor).

Step 5: Import Into Inkscape

Now, import the SVG into Inkscape!

Step 6: Send to Silhouette!

Finally, send to the Silhouette by selecting Extensions >> Export >> Send to Silhouette.

You can find out more with the instructions we created here: