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Our daughter is already old enough to know where the places she visits are (not only to get in the car and appear elsewhere), so I have decided to make a map where she can mark places and I think it will be fun for her to scratch every province.

I've made a map of Spain, our country, Divided into provinces.

Please excuse the mistakes that I will surely make, English is not my mother language.


-A frame with its rear wood.

-A map. (In Spain in our case and blank, we will have to color, but you can use any map, even one purchased).

-Paints for coloring (if necessary).

-Painting to make the scratching layer.

-Liquid soap.

-White carpenter's glue.

-Self-adhesive plastic lining

-Thick permanent marker.

Step 1: Prepare the Base.

Separate the wood from the frame.

Save the frame and start working with the wood you will use as a base for the map.

Step 2: Glue the Map

Cut out the map and mark the position in the table.

Paste it with a white glue and wait a couple of hours for the glue to dry.

Do not spread too much glue because it can wrinkle too much, although most wrinkles will go away when the glue is dries.

Step 3: Colour the Map

If you used a color map it is not necessary, of course, but I decided to spend some time with my daughter coloring the map.

Do you know that to color any map so that there are not two adjacent provinces of the same color you only need 4 different colors?

Step 4: Plasticize the Map.

Maybe for this step you will need help to avoid wrinkles.

Cut a piece of plastic from lining books a little larger than the map and place it on it.

The easiest way to avoid wrinkles and bubbles is to glue it first on an edge and gradually lower the liner by sliding a spatula or cloth along the part already glued.

Step 5: Outline the Borders.

With a thick (indelible) marker, draw the borders on the plastic.

So they will be more colorful and it will be easier to scratch each space without getting into the next one, because you have a margin between one and the other.

Step 6: "Scratch" Mix

The most important.

Mix equal liquid soap (scrubbing dishes) and paint.

The soap will help prevent the paint from sticking to the plastic.

Step 7: Coating the Map.

With the mixture you have made, paint the map with care. Do not cover the borders.

You will have to apply several layers of paint, allowing to dry a couple of hours between layers.

Be careful not to touch the painted because this painting goes easily.

Step 8: Place the Frame.

Lets see how your complete map looks ready to scratch!

Step 9: Have Fun!

You have the map ready to scratch the places you have visited.

In our case our daughter will be in charge of scratching the places we have visited together.

Thanks for reading this instructable.

I hope you liked it and that you are encouraged to do your own.

Above all, I wish you to have the opportunity to scratch many places and enjoy the travel experience.

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