Introduction: Scratching Pad

I created a scratching pad for my girlfriends cats. Hopefully you like my product and the instructable and that you will be able to build it.

Step 1: Beginning: (forgot to Take Picture)

The first thing you need to do is, get a paper and a pencil, then close your eyes and try to imagine your product, how big it will be, which forms it will have and how it should look like in your imagination.

Now you should exactly know how it will look like. Take the pencil and draw your product, with all the small parts, on the paper. Of course, you can make as many drafts as you want until it fits in your opinion. Now you can also start with the measurements for your product, try to put the measurements next to your drawing.

Step 2: Wood Choosing (forgot to Take Picture)

When you are finished with the first 2 steps start thinking about which type of you are going to use. The best types of wood for a scratching pad are (you can choose whatever you like the best):

  • White oak (expensive)
  • Black walnut (expensive)
  • Beechwood (cheap)
  • Ash (cheap)
  • Butternut (expensive)
  • Red oak (expensive)
  • Soft maple (expensive)
  • Poplar, pines, and fir (cheap)

Step 3: Cutting (forgot to Take Picture)

Now start to cut the 2 pieces of wood out with the measurements you have chosen. When you are done with that, you can start to sand the wood pieces until they are soft. For the post, sand the all edges until they are round, so that it is easier to put the rope around. Also, sand the bottom plate so that your cats do not hurt themselves on these edges.

Step 4: Gluing

After sanding you can start to create a square in the middle of the bottom plate. The square should have the measurements of the bottom of the post so that you can stick it in. When you are finished, sand the hole a bit that the post fits good.

Take a wood glue and put a bit around the bottom of the post. Then stick it in the hole and stabilize it and wait until it drys. Now it should be stable, if not you can glue small wood blocks in next to the post.

Step 5: Drawing (if You Want)

(only if you want to draw something on the wood) Now you need to get a wood burner and a pencil. Draw your sign, a letter, etc. .. on the wood.

Step 6: Putting Rope Around Post (forgot to Take Picture)

Now you need these materials:

  • Glue gun
  • Staple gun
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Cat tree tool
  • Non-toxic cleaners (if the wood is dirty) rope

Follow these steps:

  1. Put a bit glue on the post and stick the rope on it, now staple it.
  2. Make a round around the post with the glue
  3. Stick the rope on it and staple it every 3 to 5 cm. (do this until you are at the top)
  4. When you arrived at the top, you will cut the rope and staple the last piece many times that it sticks well