Introduction: Scream Activated HotDog Dispenser

About: Mad Scientist

Do you want a hands-free way to distribute your favorite cylindrical entree? Are you REALLY dramatic? Same. In this Instructable, you will learn how to build your very own scream-activated hot dog dispenser.

This dispenser can be used in a variety of settings! In addition to spicing up any backyard BBQ or PTA gathering, this hot dog dispenser can be used as a home security system (As demonstrated in the video above. Don't actually do this. That would be horrifying).

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Tech Materials:

  1. 1 x Continuous Rotation Servo
  2. 1 x 9V Battery
  3. 1 x Arduino
  4. 1 x Mini Solderless Breadboard
  5. 1 x Electret Mic Amp
  6. Wire for Soldering

Building Materials:

  1. Cable Ties
  2. Machine Screws
  3. Laser-cut Acrylic Pieces


  1. Veggie (or non-veggie if that's how you roll) Dogs
  2. 1 x 8” Dowel Rod (¾” diameter)
  3. Optional: Hotdog Buns

Step 2: Attach Motor and Arduino

In this step, you will be assembling the main side wall of your hotdog dispenser. This wall will house your continuous rotation servo, Arduino, and mic amp. You will also attach the dowel that will pick up and rotate the hotdogs.

  • Using machine screws, attach your continuous rotation servo to the acrylic piece marked, “Motor Sheet” (NOTE: The motor’s shaft should be closest to the shorter edge of the acrylic).
  • Attach your Arduino and breadboard to the opposite side of the “Motor Sheet” as the servo’s shaft.
  • Glue the 8” dowel rod to the center of the servo horn using hot glue.
  • Slide the three acrylic pieces labeled “Spinning Wheel” on the dowel rod. In order to determine the exact placement of the spinning wheels, look at the holes on the acrylic piece marked “Box Base.” Later in this Instructable, you will be attaching your “Ramp Pieces” to the “Box Base” using the sets of square holes, but until then, use the spaces between the holes to place your spinning wheels. This placement allows the wheels to turn without colliding with the “Ramp Pieces.”
  • NOTE: If the holes in the spinning wheel are too wide for the dowel rod, wrap a layer of duct tape around the dowel to create a snug fit, as the spinning wheels’ blades need to be in sync to properly pick up hotdogs.

Step 3: Assemble Box

In this step, you will assemble the remaining pieces of the acrylic box.

  • Refer to the image marked “Box Layout” to construct the hot dog box using cable ties.
  • The top of the box should be placed last, allowing you to secure the “Ramp Pieces.”
  • Attach the “Ramp Pieces” to the parts marked “Box Base” and “Box Wall 2” using the corresponding square holes.

Step 4: Wire Your Parts

  • Wire the motor and microphone to the Arduino according to the Fritzing diagram.
  • Be mindful of wire placement, and make sure the wires are not in the path of falling hotdogs, as something may become disconnected.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

  • Upload the attached code to your Arduino.
  • Once uploaded, sounds above a certain threshold will result in motor rotation.
  • Finally, place 4-7 hot dogs on the ramp and mount your robot in a secure spot at least 6 inches above your head.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Dogs

Whether you use this robot to protect your house or to just have a good time with the fam, I hope you use this robot responsibly, as the power can very quickly go to even the most level of heads.