Introduction: Scream Pattern (garment Distort by Scream)

We wanted to distort a piece of clothe by screaming. What's interesting is to have a strange clothe that we can't imagine before it is done, from a particular sound.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To realize the screamono, we used :

- a kimono pattern

- a computer with Processing and Photoshop softwares

- a big inkjet printer

- a big piece of cloth

- a sewing machine

- sew staff as pins, yarn, scissors...

Step 2: Get a Kimono Pattern on Processing

We used a kimono pattern because it's quite simple, and we simplified it more again.

Then, we drew it on Processing, with squares and lines. (As the drawing is already about distorting it with a sound, please see the full code in the next step.)

Step 3: Modify the Pattern Drawing With a Sound (Processing Code)

Here's the Processing code to distort the pattern with a sound from the computer's microphone. You can try different sounds to get what you want, we used Janet Leigh's scream in Hitchcock's 1960 movie Psycho, when she's killed in her shower.

<p>import ddf.minim.analysis.*;<br>import ddf.minim.*;</p><p>Minim       minim;
AudioInput in;
AudioRecorder recorder;
FFT         fft;
int z=0;</p><p>void setup()
  size(1280, 800);
  minim = new Minim(this);
  in = minim.getLineIn();
  fft = new FFT( in.bufferSize(), in.sampleRate() );
void draw()
{</p><p>  background(#FFFFFF);
  fill(255, 255, 255, 154);
  fft.forward( in.mix );</p><p>  for (int i = 0; i < fft.specSize (); i++)
quad(200-(fft.getBand(i)*random(5)),320-(fft.getBand(i)*random(5)), 370+(fft.getBand(i)*random(5)),320-(fft.getBand(i)*random(5)),370+(fft.getBand(i)*random(5)), 500+(fft.getBand(i)*random(5)),200- (fft.getBand(i)*random(5)), 500+(fft.getBand(i)*random(5)) );
float a = random(5);
float b = random (5);
float c = random(5);
float d = random (5);
float e = random(5);
float f = random (5);
float g = random(5);
float h = random (5);
float j = random(5);
float k = random (5);
float l = random(5);
float m = random (5);
float n = random(5);
float o = random (5);
float p = random(5);
float q = random (5);
float r = random(5);
float s = random (5);
float t = random(5);
float u = random (5);
 if (keyPressed == true) {

Step 4: Get Your Distorted Pattern From Processing Distorted Drawing

The Processing code saves the picture when your press any keyboard button for a long time. We opened this JPEG file with a drawing software as Photoshop to choose a single pattern from the distorted drawings, as you can see on the pictures. We selected shapes that doesn't cross other pattern shapes or go out of the sketch, but which are quite distorted however.

Then, we printed the new pattern on a big inkjet printer to have it in the right size. (Our original kimono pattern will help us to sew the different parts in the right places.)

Step 5: Sew the Strange Screamono !

Now that we have the pattern, we can follow it to cut the material (you need to double each piece, and do the sleeve twice) ; and then, do your best to sew it whatever how bizarre it looks ! Maybe you'll have big baggies, maybe long pleats ; the stranger it is, the better ! Finish it and enjoy the surprising shapes it has.

Thanks for watching, we apologize for any language mistake or unclear detail. It's our first post on Instructable, but if you have any question, please tell us !

- Antoine and Sidonie, french design students