Introduction: Screamerball


Today I will show you how to make your own interactive game using arduino, a sound detector and processing.

You will need:


- an arduino ( for this project I used a nano )

- a sound detector, mine is from Sparkfun

- a pc with the arduino and processing software on it

Step 1: Attach the Sensor to the Arduino

here is a hookup guide of how to do that: hookup guide

after that plug the arduino into your computer and start te software. After you did that make sure to select the right usb port and the right arduino.

Step 2: Upload the Arduino File

upload this file to your arduino. This file will make te sensor detect how loud a sound is and send it to your processing

Step 3: Upload and Run the Processing File

upload this processing file and run. Be aware that you might have to change the number of your port. But my script has comments to help you with trouble shooting

Step 4: Enjoy Playing

You are now done! Enjoy your screaming game