Introduction: Screen Protecter Window Cling

Stickers that don't stick! Window clings are staticy stickers requiring only a smooth surface to stick to like a mirror or a window. These window clings will leave no mark at all and using a small amount of parts are relatively easy to make. Enjoy!!


- Old screen protectors (preferably unused)

- Colored Plastic Sheets

- Glue

- Index Card

- Markers

Step 1: Peel Off Layer Layer 2

First step is to peel the layer off that says 2 or if using a already used screen protector make sure to remember which side was face up.

Step 2: Trace Outline

Trace the shape you wish to create your cling as on both the index card and the screen protector on the side you peeled the top layer off of.

Step 3: Design

Draw on the index card inside the design what you would like the cling to look like.

Step 4: Cut and Glue Shapes

Place the colored sheets on the index cards and trace the shapes on it and cut out. Then glue to the correct spot on the screen protector inside the outline on it.

Step 5: Peel Off Other Ayer and Finish

Next peel off the layer that says #1 under this layer is the static clinging part. Then stick to the surface you wish it to be on. Just know that it may not come off without knocking off the plastic pieces so choose wisely where you want it. The end.

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