Introduction: Screen Time Usage Reminder (only Works on Windows, Ios Won't Work)


This is a useful machine made out of Arduino, it reminds you to rest by making a "biiii!" sound and making your computer go back to lock screen after using 30 minutes of screen time. After resting for 10 minutes it will "biiii!" again which means you are ready and able to use your device again! The LED light is green when you can use your screen, and when the LED light is red it means that you need some rest!

Step 1: Components

- Arduino Leonardo board * 1

- USB cable * 1

- Resistor (220Ω) * 2

- LED * 2 (1 green, 1 red)

- Breadboard * 1

- Jumper wires * 5 or more

- speaker * 1

Step 2: Build It!


Step 3: Decorate It!

you can decorate however you want as long as the Arduino circuit can still work!

Step 4: Coding

the following link are the code of the screen time usage reminder machine

Testing: test version is only a "use 30 sec and rest 10 sec" version, a smaller version of the original one)

Final/original: (the final/original version is a "use 30 min and rest 10 min" version)

Step 5: Finish!

You are now ready to use your own screen time usage reminder machine!!

Thank you and have FUN!