Introduction: Screen Printing With No Screen

Screen printing is a lot of fun but can be very time consuming when using emulsion and most of the time frustrating if your new to screen printing so here's the solution! Sign vinyl.

Here's what you need:

-oracle 651 vinyl
-vinyl cutter
-screen mesh( can be found at hobby lobby in the fabric dept)
-masking or painters tape
-water based ink
Transfer tape

Step 1: Pick the Vinyl

As long as you use oracle 651 vinyl the color won't matter , pick your design from the Internet and set up the artwork to be cut

Step 2: Weed the Vinyl

After your vinyl is cut weed it out as tho it's a stencil , once weeded apply transfer tape and remove vinyl from backing.

Lay vinyl on top of your screen mesh material and apply it as thou you would to any other surface.

Remove application tape and place your new on top of your shirt where you want to print.

Step 3: Print Your Shirt

Apply painters tape around the edges of your stencil to hold it in place while you print your shirt, after you've made a few passes with the ink using a squeegee or credit card , remove extra ink and scoop back into jar, carefully remove stencil and you should have a completed screen printed shirt

!!!!note the image used is for illustration purposes only and is in no way affiliated with air Jordan or its affiliates or partners, be sure to use your own artwork which you have been given permission to use !!!!