Introduction: Screw Organizer (Fusion 360 Tutorial)


I did not create this screw organizer just because of the organization competition, I created it because I needed a stylish, effective, and easy way to sort my screws. Whether I am disassembling a RC car or creating something entirely new from scratch, it always comes in handy.


  • Magnets (
  • PLA Plastic

Step 1: Creating the Design:

Picture 1: I created a design for 1/6 of the entire circle, but this can be changed if you need more containers for different types of screws.

Picture 2: Extruded upwards.

Picture 3:Extruded downwards.

Picture 4: I used the circular pattern tool to create the entire dish.

Picture 5: I combined them all using the combine tool.

Picture 6: I created a sketch for where the magnets would go.

Picture 7: I extruded the outer magnet holes downwards.

Picture 8: I used the circular pattern tool again to make a magnet hole in every container.

Picture 9: I extruded the center magnet hole downwards.

Picture 10: I added chamfers to make everything look even better.

Step 2: 3D Printing:

I 3D printed this using my CR-10 printer (very good). I printed at .2 layer height at 80 mm/s and it turned out amazing. Remember to use glue stick to hold it down to the bed.

Step 3: Gluing in the Magnets

I used super glue to glue in the magnets. I holds really well, so try to do it right the first time. I put glue in all of the holes at the same time, then I put the magnets in. This minimizes the number of times that you have to switch between them.

Step 4: Done!

Nice Job! You should now have a stylish and useful screw organizer. Hopefully you like it as much as I do. Thank you for reading.

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