Introduction: Screw to Rubberband Wing Tie Down Conversion.

My FPV Raptor had a slight problem, the annoying screws that held the wings in place had ripped out. I need to find a new way to attach the wings to the plane. I tried a couple designs but at the end the most effective and by far the cheapest was rubberbands. 


drill bits
chop stick or carbon fiber rod
rubber bands 

Step 1: Cut the Wing

You must be careful with this step. Cut the excess foam immediately adjacent to the body of the plane off of the wing. 

Step 2: Place Wing on Plane and Mark Drill Holes

Very simple, just put the wing onto the fuselage and mark the front and back. Then mark drill hole at an uniform distnace below the first holes. I choose 1.5cm. NOTE: some bodies may not have a flat top surface, take this into consideration when marking holes. Mine for example had a .5cm rise. Thus two holes were 1.5 cm and the other two were 2cm.  

Step 3: Drill and Insert Rods.

This is the longest step. Find a drill bit that has a similar diameter to your rod. Remember that smaller is better, you can always make the hole bigger. INDIVIDUALLY, do not drill through the plane, machine out the holes until the rods fit snuggly. Then push the rods through. 

Step 4: Rubber Bands and Take Off

Now the the rods are through the plane, just put the wings on top and run rubber bands back and forth. I like to integrate the criss cross and straight patterns. There has not yet been a flight test of this method, it was raining when this was posted. 

Happy flying.

Feel free to post any questions or critiques. 

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