Introduction: Screwdriver Holder

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Long time it was a mess on my desk. Mainly due to my screwdrivers which where laying around everywhere.

I've used a old pencil case but it only helped me by storing the screwdrivers but not by finding the right one.

So I've created something which help me organizing all my screwdrivers.

Step 1: CAD

First of all it was nessasary to draw the holder for one set. Of the differents sets I've only changed the sizes. (I forgot to save all the stages... but you can have the master as a FreeCAD file.)

Step 2: Spacers / Matching Pin

In the Corners I used spacers wich also act as matching pins for the different layers of wood. The spacers are made out of an old carbon arrow.

Step 3: LASER

Use your normal household laser to cut out the parts

Step 4: Glue All Together

Glue together the parts...