Introduction: Sculpt an Animal Crossing House

Hi! This tutorial will show you how to sculpt Raymond and his house from Animal Crossing New Horizon with paper clay ! :)


For the paper clay figures :

-Paper clay

-Styrofoam balls

-Black polymer clay

-Acrylic paint

-Paint brushes

-Iron wire

-Plastic wrap

-Black marker pen

-Toothpicks and sculpting tools

- Rolling Pin

-Wooden skewers

For the house :

-Corrugated cardboard

-Paper clay

-Printer paper


-Hobby knife

-Toothpicks & sculpting tools


-Gesso (primer)

-Green, Brown, Grey and Beige acrylic paint

-Wallpaper paste

-2 Craft foam sheet

-Soldering iron

-Brown polymer clay

-Single led light

Step 1: Let's Make the Cardboard House

For this step you will need a pair of scissors, hot glue, white glue, cardboard and the three pdf files below.
First, I printed out the three pdf files for the house template.

Then, I cut out the template and glued it on a large piece of cardboard. I used a sturdy pair of scissors to cut out the cardboard.

Step 2: Glue the Base of the House

Glue the four pieces of cardboard together as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Cardboard for the Roof

Print the pdf template for the roof and the front of the house.

You can bend the cardboard as shown in the picture and glue it to the front of the house.

Step 4: Paper Mache

In order to fill the hole between the front of the house and the roof, you can use this simple paper mache technique.

Use masking tape to cover the hole and prepare some wallpaper paste.

Cut a few thin strips of paper, just enough to cover the hole.

Next, apply wallpaper paste to the paper and place it on top of the masking tape.

Let the glue dry for an hour and move onto the next step.

Step 5: Gesso and Paint

Use a paintbrush to apply gesso on the walls and the roof. This will prepare the surface for the acrylic paint.

Let the gesso dry for about two hours. You can use light yellow or beige acrylic paint for the house.

The paper might curl because of the paint, but it will lay flat again once it dries up.

Step 6:

For the stairs, cut two pieces of corrugated cardboard (about 3,7 inch large).
Cover the cardboard with paper clay and sculpt the wood planks on the stairs.

Step 7: Sculpt the House Trims

I used craft foam sheet and paper clay to carve and sculpt the trims as shown in the pictures.

You will need to cut craft foam sheet for the trims at the bottom and top of the house. You can glue them on with hot glue and cover them with paper clay.

Once you're done sculpting the trims, smooth out the clay with a wet paintbrush.

Step 8: Make a Tiny Door

In this step you will need a pair of scissors, brown polymer clay, green acrylic paint, parchment paper, a simple plastic sheet, and a thin sheet of green craft foam.

Use the template for the door and cut out the craft foam sheet with an X-acto knife.

Paint the door with green acrylic paint, add lime green highlights around the edge. This will give more dimension to the door's texture.

For the door's embellishments :

Take a small chunk of brown polymer clay and sculpt the details on the door. You can start by making thin snakes of clay. Arrange them as shown in the pictures and use a ball stylus to sculpt the doorknob.

Place the clay on parchment paper and bake it in a kitchen oven.
Follow manufacturer's instructions on the package => for Fimo polymer clay : 230°F (110°C) for 20 minutes. Remove the polymer clay from the oven and let it cool down a bit.

Next, use a simple plastic sheet to create the "glass" insert on the door.

Step 9: Carve and Paint the Bricks

Draw bricks on a sheet of craft foam.

Next, cut out the layers of bricks for the miniature house.

Use a soldering iron as shown in the pictures to carve the bricks.

Let the craft foam cool for an hour.

Use a flat paintbrush to paint the bricks with khaki green acrylic paint.

Step 10: Sculpt Roof Tiles and Chimney

Flatten a large chunk of paper clay and trim off the excess clay.

Make a large rectanglular shape with paper clay and sculpt the roof tiles.

Use a wet paintbrush to make the clay stick to the roof.

Print the template below for the chimney and glue it on a small piece of paperboard (I used the cardboard from a cereal box). Bend the paperboard as shown in the pictures and cover it with paperclay.

You can use a ruler to sculpt the bricks of the chimney.

Next, glue the chimney on the roof and let the clay dry overnight.

Step 11: Paint the Trim, the Roof and the Chimney

Paint the trim and stairs with brown acrylic paint.

You can use a dark green color for the roof and light gray paint foir the chimney.

Once you're done painting, you can glue the bricks to the walls of this tiny house !

Step 12: Make Miniature Windows

For the windows you can use balsa wood or popsicle sticks.

Cut the popsicle sticks with a pair of scissors, and make 3 small windows.

Paint the windows with brown acrylic paint and glue a piece of clear plastic behind them.

Step 13: Glue the Windows

Glue the windows to the walls and you're done !

Step 14: Put Everything Together

Have fun with these adorable Animal crossing figures !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)

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