Introduction: Seahawk Yarn Twist Tutorial

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Seahawk Yarn Twist Tutorial...

Step 1: Removal of 4 Week Old Yarn Twists

First you must remove the old yarn twists. While these protect the hair, they can also dry it out, so we will need to moisturize before adding new twists.

Step 2: Condition Hair

Once the hair is free of yarn, I will rinse the hair with water and add a conditioner.

I am using L'Oreal Total Repair Extreme Emergency Recovery (which is under $10 found in many stores)

Leave the conditioner on for at least 5 mins and then rinse.

Step 3: Moisturize With Honey/Olive Oil Mix

Take equal parts of honey and olive oil. (1/4 cup of each)

Heat in Microwave for 20 secs.

Mix together and apply to damp hair. (Make sure it isn't too hot)

Cover hair with a shower cap and leave on for at least 20 mins.

Rinse out and repeat Step 2 (Conditioner)

Step 4: Comb Out the Hair

You will need to comb out the hair so it is free of tangles!

(I like to give my daughter a little "free hair" time, so I will leave her hair "yarn free" for at least 24 hours)

Step 5: Prepare the Yarn

You will need to cut all the yarn you plan to use ahead of time.

This will save you TONS of time (rather then having to mess with it while you are twisting)

I always use black yarn and sometimes I like to add some color.

In this case my daughter wanted "Seahawk Colors" so we did black, blue and green.

You will want to cut the yarn twice as long as you want the length of hair to be.

I always cut it way longer then needed so that I never run short for length.

Step 6: Side Note

Give your child something to play with that will occupy their time.... :)

Step 7: Section Hair

Make sure the hair is conditioned and moisturized before you begin!

I like to work with damp hair.

Section off the nape of the head. (you are welcome to start on any point of the head)

Make a parting a little over an inch squared.

Don't stress too much over perfect partings!

Step 8: Twisting Begins!

Watch the tutorial on how to anchor the yarn and do the twisting!

Step 9: Decide on a Part

Choose where you want the hair to lay.

I chose to part on my daughter's left side so that her hair would lay over to the right.

I also parted a section for her bangs!

Step 10: Take Pictures

You are DONE!

Take pictures and enjoy carefree hair for at least 4 weeks!

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