Introduction: Seahorse Gift Topper

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This seahorse gift topper is surprisingly stunning for how easy it is. Who wouldn't love to receive a gift with beauty on it?

Step 1: Draw Your Seahorse

Draw a seahorse on piece of paper and then trace onto cardboard. Cut out your cardboard seahorse.

Step 2: Start Wrapping

Start wrapping the seahorse with ribbon of your choice (non-wire), making sure to use your hot glue gun to secure pieces.

Step 3: Cover Completely

Make sure your seahorse is covered completely with the ribbon.

Step 4: Start Adding the Sequins

This is where this project gets fun! Start adding sequins to the seahorse with the got glue gun, making sure to work in small areas at a time.

Step 5: Sequins Tip

I didn't want my sequins to be flat on the seahorse, so I only pressed the top half of the sequin down. I also used tweezers for this part because it made it much faster and easier to pick up and put down the sequins.

Step 6: Add Seahorse to Gift

When you are happy with how your seahorse looks, you are ready to add it to your gift and make someone extremely happy with such a gorgeous gift!

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