Introduction: Seample Fashion Leather Handmade Cuff.


Thanks for checking out my instructable!

I want to show you, how I create a very cool and simple leather cuff. This is very simple and stylish leather cuff. If you like my instructable please vote.

Step 1: What We Need to Create Our Leather Cuff?

We need:

  1. Edge cutting tool
  2. Paper knife
  3. Pen
  4. Ruler
  5. Wisp of bast you can use wool daubers
  6. Shoe wax
  7. Dye (I use Fiebings leather dyes)
  8. Coin (I use 5 cent coin)
  9. Leather (I use 2mm vegetable-tanned leather)
  10. Round head nail rivet
  11. Hollow punch tool

If you have all this components we can start create our leather cuff :)

Step 2: Drawing Our Cuff.

Now we will draw our cuff on the leather.
We use pen, ruler and coin. We use coin to create round angles.

Step 3: Cutting and Edge Cutting.

We will use ruler and paper knife to cut our cuff. Use cerefully your paper knife :)

After cutting your cuff you will cut edges using edge cutting tool.

Step 4: Dye Your Cuff.

Now you can dye you cuff. I use ”Fiebing” leather dyes :)

Step 5: Make a Holes and Set Your Round Head Nail Rivet.

We need to create two holes. Use hollow punch tool. One of this hole you will set your round head nail rivet. In other hole you will make a notching.

Step 6: Last Step!

Finally, you are in last step! Now you will wax your cuff with shoe wax! After waxing you cuff is finished! Great work!

If you have some questions please write :)

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