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Introduction: Seashell Lariat Necklace

About: Hello Instructables community! I am a teenage girl in New Hampshire with a love for crafting, hamsters, gymnastics, and music.

This is a very pretty necklace, just in time for summer beach days! It is also adjustable, so you can wear can wear it at any different length.

You will need:

-A seashell (You want one that has a hole at the top that is larger than your chain. I found this one at the beach.)

-A jump ring

-A head pin

-A bead (Larger than the hole in your shell)

-Some chain (I recommend that you hang it around your neck to the desired length before cutting. Also, if your chain was too small to slip on over your head like mine, you may also need a clasp.)

-Some pliers

-Some wire cutters

Step 1: Attach Your Shell

Use the jump ring to attach one end of your chain to the hole of your shell. Then, slip the other end of the chain through the hole in your shell, forming a loop. This is what goes around your neck.

Step 2: Add a Bead

Take your bead and your head pin. Slip the bead onto the head pin. Bend the end of the head pin just above the bead, and slide the head pin into the last link of the chain. Wrap the end of the head pin around itself, then cut the extra off.

Step 3: Done!

Very nice! If your necklace is too small to put on, add a clasp like I did. Otherwise, put it on and show it off!

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    4 years ago

    I have a lot of shells with that little hole in them. This is a very pretty way to use them. Thanks.