Introduction: Seasonal Lamp

Change the flowers to the season and the light bulb color to the feel your looking for!. Easy instructable with minimal cost.

Initial cost: $10

Not counting the electrical plug, I had one handy at the time of this instructable.

Step 1: The Pieces

Pieces needed to do your seasonal lamp:


Green plant foam

Rod for base of the light bulb (I used a piece of flat aluminum that I found)

Wired plug with turn on and off switch

Light socket with wiring to make it easy

Light bulb


Wire Connectors and or Electrical tape

Step 2: Wiring

The wiring to start off is the easy. When you have your electrical plug if you have one like I did you need to split it down the line so you can seperate the wiring and expose it. Keep in mind which one is the Hot and Neutral. If you look at the plug the largest metal piece is the neutral remember that.

Step 3: Connecting the Wires

Once you have exposed the wiring on your electrical switch expose the wiring on the light socket. Should be able to pull off the pieces on it if you bought it at the store. Connect White to white and black to black. Or Hot to Hot and neutral to neutral. This is where you need to make sure you know the neutral and hot wire on the electrical switch. Again follow the largest metal piece from the electrical plug all the way up until you reach the end. Connect that side to the white on the light socket and the other side to the black. Once you twist the wires together this is where the electrical tape comes in. I didnt have black at the moment so I used red for the hot or the black wire and white for the neutral. Wrap it consistently until al the wire is hidden and there is no chance it will come apart. (side note: this is not a permanent solution, it is recommended you use wire connectors, but for the sake of time I taped it and will use the wire connectors after the instructables.)

Afterwards plug it in with a light bulb on it and hope for the best!!!

Step 4: Next

From here I wrapped the piece of aluminun I had around the light socket minding the wires and stuffed them in like such. Make sure before you continue this step your wires are completely wrapped and tucked in. Once you are set for the sake of appearance I wrapped the aluminum completely in green tape to hide the wires and hide the appearance of the aluminum. Give it more of a natural look basically.

Step 5: Final

Final steps:

Place the plant foam in to the vase you have chosen. You may need to cut it for it to fit properly. Adjust the height of your rod holding the light bulb. I made mine only having 2 inches outside the vase. Place the rod in to the vase and through the plant foam.

From there place the flowers in! Fake flowers for safety sake and preferably a low watt light bulb to reduce heat. I used a normal incandescent at the time because it is what I had, but I would probably use an LED or Halogen and maybe even a candelabra light bulb at that.

Plug it in.

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