Introduction: Seasonal Photobooth Frame

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This is a simple project that you can have fun with both in the MAKING, and at a party USING the finished project.
Skill level Zero...good for kids and if you want to go higher can make it as elaborate as you like.

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Frame and Props

The basic frame is just a large piece of foam board available at any crafty type store or big box store for a couple bucks.

You then decorate the frame in your seasonal decor (here XMAS - but halloween, valentines, st. patricks, etc will all work as well).

After that you acquire or make some photobooth style props on sticks to add some fun to your party taking pictures. They sell these commercially but you can make your own, which will keep kids busy for a while if you need a rainy day project.

Step 2: Step 2: the Frame


Large foam board
Knife to cut the hole
Cereal box cardboard/ fun foam for the letters either premade or self made
Random light Xmas decorations. (Here foam icicles, Xmas bow, bird ornament)
Glue of choice.


You just cut out the centre of the foam board (you can use the "hole" as backers for your props if desired) using a carpet/exacto knife or whatever is available leaving abour 4 " around for the frame. You dont really have to be very neat as the decorations will overlap it and it is just for fun.

If you have premade letters, you just lay out the letters in the colours you want making sure they fit. Merry Xmas, or Happy Birthday, or Happy Halloween.....all good choices at the right times. Glue or even tape them onto the bottom of the frame. If you are making the letters, you can use cereal boxes cut out and coloured with craft paint, markers, or whatever you trust your maker elves to not destroy the house with.

After that you put your icicles along the top. You can use old packing material for this, tissue paper, or even cardboard painted white. Alternatives would be garlands, or other seasonal strands as per the season you are doing.

Add the rest of your decorations the bird and bow were used here and some dots along the side.

Of course Xmas being what it is, over the top is the name of the game so the final step is of course to cover every thing with GLITTER pasted on with spray glue or what have you.

Step 3: Step 3: Props

Now in this case we just used some props we had on hand you can buy them if you google "photo booth props"
they come in infinite variations, from hats, and ties, to words, and glasses. If you are using this at a party with adults be prepared for the inevitable innuendo that comes along with alcohol. lol.

The props are easy to make though.

Anything you can fasten to a chopstick or thick straw can be a prop.
You can download designs or have kids come up with their own.

Having several old cereal boxes works out well, as they are stiff and will last the length of the party. You can even print out the designs you want glue them to cardboard and then cut them out.

Otherwise you just cut out the shapes, colour them in with paint, markers, etc and then hot glue or just firmly TAPE the chopsticks/straws in the appropriate places for use as overlays to people faces when they are IN the frame to be photographed.

This is a really simple project, but it will be one that makes lasting memories for kids and adults alike.

Kudos to my Aunt Brenda for allowing me to photograph her party and craftsmanship.

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