Introduction: Sebastwön

Sebastwön is a card game played with a minimum of 3 people. Each round the dealer flips a card from the deck for each player face down (face up for the dealer). A series of complex rules then determines the result of each round. The goal of the game is to get the most points by the time the deck runs out.

Step 1: Set Up

Remove the 2 of diamonds from the deck and determine which player is furthest from the window. It may be easier to play with multiple decks depending upon the number of players.

Step 2: Rules

Due to the vast number of variations, it would be nearly impossible to list all the possible rules for the game. Generally, the most curvaceous number wins each round. When in doubt, the dealer has final say.

Step 3: Scoring

The points are tallied when the deck runs out of cards. Each player receives 2 points for every face card, 1 point for every odd number, and -1/2 points for every even number.

Step 4: References