Second Life to Artists Stool



Introduction: Second Life to Artists Stool

I rescued an old artist stool from the local landfill site as I felt it was too much of a waste too let it rot away.

So a simple instructable I hope you Like it.

Items Used -

Enamel spray paint

Black gloss paint

Clear Lacquer

Craft glitter

Sand paper

Tools Used -

Paint brush

Hex keys

Screw driver

Step 1: Preparations

First I removed all old screws and removed the metallic ring from the legs.

I then sanded down all the wood until the finish was even and smooth and filled all old screw holes in with Caulking and waited for it to dry.

Step 2: Reattach the Seat.

Wanting it to rotate up and down as they are meant to do I used wood glue to reattach the seat.

The next day when dry I sanded the thread down slightly and tried it and the screws that was used to stop it from going up and down when I found it hasn't caused any damage and it works fine.

Step 3: Decorating Time

I used an old wire coat hanger to hang up the metallic ring up for spraying with enamel spray paint as its nice and glossy and hard wearing. and left it to dry overnight.

The stool was given two coats of gloss or satin wood and then when it's dry I tipped some lacquer into a tub and mixed in some craft glitter and coated the chair 4 times top to bottom giving it a nice glossy glittery finish that although you cannot tell from the picture looks amazing in the sun.

Step 4: ALL DONE

Now it is all dry we can put it all together again and our Remade all finIshed artist stool is good to go for another 20 years or more!!!!!!




Thank you for reading.

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