Introduction: Secondary Air Injection Pump Replacement in a 2006 Toyota Sequoia

In October 2016, I experienced a Secondary Air Injection Pump failure in my 2006 Sequoia. Toyota had extended the warranty on this part, but even though I had just 149K miles on the odometer, my car was a 2006 and the warranty only went back to 2007. I decided to replace the smog pump and its associated valves myself. I am an aircraft mechanic and have worked on my cars since college days so this repair did not look particularly daunting. I made this 3 part video to show Sequoia or Tundra owners what is involved, the expense, and where to get the parts as cheaply as possible. This video would also be of help to anybody having a Sequoia/Tundra of a year model with the smog pump located under the Intake Manifold. It should be noted that the first video in this series would ALSO apply to any Sequoia or Tundra of this vintage needing a Starter replacement, a new Intake Manifold Gasket, or one that has a Cooling System Leak under the intake manifold.

Step 1: Watch a 3 Part Video on How to Replace the Smog Pump in a 2006 Sequoia/Tundra

Here are the links to the videos: