Introduction: Secondary Garbage Bin - for Those Who Do Compost

I started composting last year and I wish to compost everything I can from the kitchen. However, I do not want to walk the composter many times a day and decided I needed a second garbage bin to collect green stuff that's ready for composting.

Here are the characteristics I was looking for:
- Small - not only by lack of room but to make sure I'd be forced to take it outside regurlarly.
- Hidden - fits under the counter, close to the "real" garbage bin.
- Portable - can be moved, either to have it on the counter when cooking and having lots of veggie skins or other compostable waste, or to go pour it's content in the "real" composter outside.
- Closed - a lid is a must.

I came up with this simple solution, made out of a plastic box and a few other components.

I made that I while ago so do not have pictures for all intermediate steps, but they are very simple.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The parts you will need are:

- Plastic box with lid (1). Chose the size that will fit where you want to put it. You can find in many stores. I got mine at Canadian Tire but you'll also find similar ones at Wal-Mart and the likes.
- Plastic ties (2).
- Metal hooks (4).

The needed tools are:

- Drill with bits
- Pen or marker

Step 2: Prepare Your Box

The first step is to attach the lid to the box. Drill holes in both the box and lid, and use the plastic ties to create hinges. See the first picture for details.

The second step is also to drill holes, this time on the side of the box and lid. Make four evenly spaced holes. These have to be big enough to allow the hooks to go through them easily, but not too big (you don't want to make your box to weak).

Finaly, remove the plastic between the holes and the border of the lid only. This will also you to open the lid without taking the bin off the hooks. See the second picture for details.

Step 3: Prepare Your Cabinet Door

The next step is easy. Mark four spots on the door, where you want the box to be suspended, drill holes and screw the hooks there. You should obtain something similar to what's in the picture.

Step 4: You're Done!

Suspend the box on the hooks, like on the picture. You're done! :)

Put the occasional banana skin in there by just lifting the lid. Take the whole box on the counter when making a huge autumn veggetable soup or peeling potatoes!