Introduction: Secret 1-Board BandSaw Box

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So the video above was actually one that we created several weeks ago, so I apologize for not having a voice-over or narration (I didn't have a microphone then).

For anyone who is looking to get into creating projects with secret compartments, this is the perfect place to begin. With basically only a 2/4 and a bandsaw, you can literally create this thing in a matter of hours.

Step 1: Materials and Dimensions


  • Pine 2x4x8
  • Wood glue
  • 3" wooden dowel
  • Wood stain (Your choice)
  • Pencil
  • Compass or (any round object you choose to fit)
  • Small propane torch
  • Wood burning stencil
  • Bandsaw
  • Wood Clamps 2 or 3
  • Plainer or Jointer
  • belt sander

Dimensions: (Can vary depending on what you want to make.)

  • 3 1/2""w X 4 1/2"h X 10"L
  • Size of Drawers Depend on you, Just remember to leave at least a 1/4" between drawers.

Step 2: Glue Up and Layout

Steps: Glue up

  1. Cut 2X4 into 3 equal lengths. (about 10" or 12")
  2. Put glue on the face of two boards and stack all 3 on top of each other. (use plenty of glue)
  3. Clamp the boards together and let sit for a day.
  4. Then plane down the face and the back of your block of wood until your 2x4 edges are gone.

Draw your dimensions (layout):

In this step, it is important to pick your sides you want for your front and back. Once you've picked them, then draw a line 1/4" wide along on the top back of your box all the way across (long side). Then you need to draw a 1/4" line around the front perimeter of your box. Now you are ready to place your drawers on the front.

To keep our costs down and save us time, we actually just used a roll of tape and the cap of a random bottle to draw the curves of our drawers. Then we used a ruler to connect these curves. (remember to keep a 1/4"+ distance between each drawer).

Step 3: Drawer Cutting

Now that you have laid out your bandsaw box you need to cut off the back side of your box first (follow your 1/4" line you drew for the back). Next, you can cut out your potential drawers (Make sure you plan out where your blade is going to enter your drawers.)

  • Your next step is to glue the back of your box back on making sure to glue the edges and the cut line that you made to cut your drawers out, clamp and let dry. You are now ready to layout your drawers. Let's start with the draw that you want to have the secret drawer in the back. Draw a 1/4" line across the front top of the draw and cut the front off first. (Make sure to mark everything) Now draw on the back side of the draw your little secret draw (remember you don't have much room so your layout is important) Go and cut your secret drawer out as you did for the drawers in the beginning. Then draw a 1/4" line on the back of the drawer and cut the back off. You can draw your top draw in at this point and cut it out.
  • On the other two drawers and the secret drawer you put 1/4" lines on the front/back and cut them off, then draw in your drawers and cut them out. You are now ready to re-assemble your drawers. (put glue around edges and clamp, let dry for an hour or so)

Step 4: Fitting the Drawers/ Sanding

It is now time to sand all your drawers to fit. (always sand a little at a time, be patient at this point you want them to fit as snug as you possibly can) Once your drawers slide in and out time to sand the front with the drawers until the front surface is even with the drawers surface. You can round the edges and the other sides at this time. After sanding cut the dowels to length and round one end and glue to the center of the drawers. (let dry)

Step 5: Wood Burning/Staining

Draw your own design on your box and begin to wood burn. (using wood burner) Next, you can use your torch to lightly wood burn your project. (remember to not get to close to the box but slowly move in with it to get the desired look you want.

You now can stain with whatever stain you like.

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