Introduction: Secret Book Case

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Secret Book Case is a must build for the spies and people a like.

you can store anything depending on your book case.

to make one is simple and fun.

now let's make one!.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

Now the materials needed are the following:


Colored paper



Book ( or pocketbook) and a


Step 2: Glue the Side!

Now glue the sides of the book like shown,

be sure to leave the first 5 pages of the book to make it look like a regular one.

Step 3: Cutting the Edges.

Cut the edges of the book like shown,

leave and inch or a gap in between the edges for durability of the book.

Step 4: Pages of Black.

now cover the first page of the cut part like shown,

measure everything with the ruler and cut away,

be sure to make the exact same copy of the page with the colored paper,

and don't forget the edges of the gutted part,

Step 5: Paste It, Paste It!

now glue it all!, also the blacken part for durability,

Step 6: The Secrecy of the Pages Itself

Now you're done with it,

now enjoy the secrecy of the book!

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