Introduction: Secret Box

  • Secret box with one pound of clay

Step 1: Clay

  • Get a ball of clay like a tennis ball size

Step 2: Flat Circle

  • Star pushing down and make a flat circle

Step 3: Squares

  • Cut squares to how big your doing your project

Step 4: Slits

  • Make slits right from left and left to right

Step 5: Glue

  • For clay the glue is vinegar so put vinegar on the slits

Step 6: Stacking

  • Put all your squares together with vinegar

Step 7: Smooth

  • Smooth out all the bumps

Step 8: Cut

  • Cut a hole to your cube thats going to be your secret hiding place

Step 9: Lid

  • Make a squire that going to be the lid

Step 10: Warms

  • Make little rolls that look like warms

Step 11: Twist

  • Twist the warms together

Step 12: Put Them on Top

  • Glue them on top of the box
  • On the lid to

Step 13: Product

Fished project you have a secret box