Introduction: Secret Compartment Mini Drawer

This instructable will show you how I made a drawer closet with a secret compartment.

Ill mainly will use small details to describe the actions I made.

Step 1: Arduino Setup

In my project I used an Arduino to get every thing running because the system is electric.

the picture shows the solenoid we are going to use to open the secret drawer.

the code is very basic, in the drawers we are going to make a handmade switch with 3 thumbtacks.

the only thing you have to check is when there is a flow of electricity when there is you can activate the solenoid.

what I did was connect the RGB Led's on these pins as well so when you connect the thumbtacks the less would licht up.

Step 2: Outside

For this project I used light triplex wood and some mdf wood for the colour difference. (can use any wood you like)

The drawer closet i made is 20 cm in length 31 in width and 23 in height, so it is very small and compact.

first I made the front in there are two square holes these depend on how big you want your drawers to be.

On the sides I left a space of 3 cm to hide the cables of the RGB Led's.

then I made left side and backside and glued them together.

Step 3: Inside

After you have made the outside you can start working on the inside and i started at the bottom.

I made sure it would fit nicely and aligned with the three sides that are glued together.

when you are sure it fits you can lay down your Arduino and find a spot you like on the left side of the bottom.

you saw the other half off and this will be the bottom part of your secret compartment.

you also need to make two rails for every hole you made in the front side.

I just used some leftover over wood to guide the drawers.

then you make a piece for the right side with the bottom part sawed off about 4 cm(this also depends on how low you made your lowest drawer.)

the bottom part will be the front end of your secret drawer.

now you can make the drawers and make sure you leave al tiny space on one side of the drawer so the thumbtacks can fit inside.

Step 4: Assembly

When every thing is made you can start putting stuff together, for the lock of the secret compartment take a small hinge and put a very light spring underneath.(my solenoid had problems pressing it down)

mount this spring contraption on the side you prefer and make sure that the hinge barely touches the right side of the closet. put the solenoid just above it and glue in place.

then connect every thing and try to find the sweet spot for the thumbtack on the drawer, the other two you mount on the side of the closet just where the drawer could hit them like the picture above.

Step 5: Testing Testing Done

Now keep testing your spots till you find your sweet spot and enjoy you drawer closet