Introduction: Secret DVD Compartment

This is the secret DVD compartment which can house many things in it.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

a screwdriver (cross head)
another screwdriver (flat head)
DVD player (working or not)

That's it really, so simple.

Step 2: Removing Casing

Remove the casing of your DVD player by finding all the screws that you think are responsible for holding the top casing on. REMOVE THOSE SCREWS. once your screws are removed put them in a safe place because you will need them later. when the screws are removed the top casing should come right off, if not use flat head screw driver like a crowbar to remove the casing.

Step 3: Fill

now put whatever you want in here as long as it fits quite nicely, I suggest putting money in here because it can be folded to fit in there.

Step 4: Put Together

Remember how I told you to put those screws in that safe place well now we need them find all your screws and put the dvd player back together.

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