Secret Deodorant Compartment

Introduction: Secret Deodorant Compartment

Simple and secretive way to hide your secret items

Step 1: Materials

Get a knife

Step 2: Materials

Get a deodorant bottle

Step 3: Materials

Get your secret item

Step 4: Procedure

Take the lid off of the deodorant bottle

Step 5: Procedure

Twist the deodorant completely out of the bottle

Step 6: Procedure

Cut the deodorant that you twisted out in half

Step 7: Procedure

Dispose of the remaining top half of the deodorant

Step 8: Procedure

Place your hidden item inside of the deodorant bottle

Step 9: Procedure

Twist the bottom part of the deodorant back down into the bottle

Step 10: Procedure

Place the lid back on the deodorant bottle

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