Secret Door Card

Introduction: Secret Door Card

Instruments :-
1) Scissors :-

2) Craft Cutter :-

3) Glue :-

4) 30cm Ruler :-

5) Paper Scoring Tools :-

Materials :-

1) Designer Paper :-

2) Thick Color Paper Sheet :-

3) Ribbon :-

4) Decorating Stuff

The card has secret compartment where you can hide your secret feelings, emotions and naughtiness......Follow the step thoroughly and have fun in life.

Step 1: Preparing the Base.

  • Cut the Paper piece of size(12cm x 20cm)(H x L).
  • Dive the piece into 4 equal part. Each part measures 5cm.
  • Fold the card into half.
  • Now on the other half section of the card , divide the on half section into 4 equal parts which measures 3cm each.
  • Cut all the 3cm section.
  • This will create 6 cm cut when the card is opened.

(Note:- If you unable to make the card by the steps listed above please refer all the images and the video at the last step to be confident.)

Step 2: Inserting the Secret Compartment.

  • Take two strips of thick paper measuring (20cm x 5cm)(H x L).
  • should be identical in color and size.
  • Now take the first piece and sewing the first strip into the cut as shown in figure above.
  • take the second strip and sew the strip alternating the first strip..
  • you will get a checkered pattern at the end of the above step. Refer the images
  • Close the adjacent flaps and you will have the card.
  • Take a piece of paper measuring 8cm x 8cm.
  • Apply a designer paper of you own desiring on it.
  • Apply glue on the paper (Only on the half surface).
  • Place it on the card as it forms a diamond shape.(Refer Images and Video in Step-3).
  • Apply some decorative stuff to you card as you like and you secret door card is ready to perform it's task.

Step 3: Video

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