Introduction: Secret Drawer (Build a Secret Fake Bottom to a Drawer)

Have you ever wanted a place to just hide or store stuff? Well this is a secret compartment you would enjoy! You could hide papers, money, or anything you want it to be. This drawer is extremely simple to make and you won't be disappointed. Good luck on making this and enjoy!

Step 1: The Measuring

Measure the dimensions of your drawer so you will know where you will need to cut.

Step 2: Draw

Draw your lines after you take your measurements.

Step 3: Clear a Space

Clear a space so you can begin to make your cuts.

Step 4: Clamp the Wood

Clamp your wood down in a safe area so you may begin to cut.

Step 5: Cut

Cut along the lines of your measurements.

Step 6: Remove Clamps

Remove clamps and take your finished fitted wood to the drawer area. 

Step 7: Sand

Sand down to secure a good fit. 

Step 8: Put on the Nails

Nail under the half way mark out the drawer in the four corners to hold the fake 1 and 1/2 inches from the bottom.

Step 9: Test the Board

Test to see if board holds properly. 

Step 10: Put Drawer Back

Add drawer back to shelf. 

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