Secret Drawer

Introduction: Secret Drawer

I was always fascinated by secret rooms or hidden drawers. That's the reason why I decided to build my own hidden drawer one day after watching a Batman movie.

This project consists of a bust with a secret button which you can place everywhere in the room. And a drawer which opens if you press the button in the bust.


1 * 3D printer

1 * soldering iron

1 * screwdriver

1 * drawer

2 * arduino Wemos d1 mini (every Arduino works)

1 * 433 Mhz transmitter

1 * 433Mhz receiver

1 * relay shield

1 * electric lock

1 * push button

1 * 10k Ohm resistor

1 * step down power converter

1 * 5V power supply

1 * 12V power supply

1 * wires

1 * breadboard

9 * smal screw

(2 * screw)

Step 1: 3D Printing

I didn't designed the 3D model my self I only designed the button and modified the middle part. The original designer is Anders644PI on thingivers ( ).

I printed the bust with Pla but you can print it with all materials. You can print everything without suportstructure except the head. I will attach the STL files below.

Step 2: Electronics of the Bust

1: Drill two holes through the middle part of the Bust (under the screw place)

2: Solder two wires to the button

3: Screw the top to the middle

4: Glue the push button on the Platform so that it is directly under the opening

5: Solder the button and the transmitter to the arduino

6: Upload the code

7: Solder two long wires to the 5V and Ground (connect those wires later to the 5V power supply)

8: Place the electronic in the middle (it is maybe a little bit narrow)

9: Screw the bottom to the middle

10: Place the head on the top through the hole (see in picture)

11: Glue the Lock (smal print) so that the Head is locked

Step 3: Electronics Lock

I had some problems with an normal relay. Because of this I use the relay shield. The breadboard is not crucial but it makes the constuction a lot easier.

1: Connect the components as seen in the picture

2: Upload the code

Step 4: Installing the Lock

The best place to instal the lock is the Top drawer. In my experience the lock in the picture is the best component for this project as it is easy to attach. I also installed a Backup-System in case something breakes or has a malfunction. I connected two screws directly to the electric lock. I just have to connect 12V to them and it opens.

I hope you liked my instruction. I'd be pleased if I receive suggestions for improvement (of the instruction and the circuit).

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    2 years ago

    Awesome! Well done and good luck with the competition :-)