Introduction: Secret Locked Tissue Box

By Karena Verbitsky

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a tissue box safe that can be unlocked by your iOS device. Trick your friends, family, or intruders with this hidden space.

Step 1: Materials

Kleenex box (1)
Cardboard (metal or wood for a heavy duty box)

Needed for lock system:
Arduino (1)
Breadboard (1)
Solenoid lock (1)
Bluetooth LE breakout board (1)
Darlington transistor (1)
Red and green LEDs (1 of each)
220 ohm resistor (2)
12 V 1000+ mA power supply (1)

You may also need:

Hot glue gun
Exacto knife (if you use metal or wood saws may be required)

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard

-I used cardboard, but I would recommend lining the box with metal or wood so that it is more durable. To start off, use your exacto knife to cut the end of the box off.

-Then measure cardboard to fit all around the inside the box to make it stronger.

-Make three layers of cardboard for the bottom and four layers for the end you cut off.

-Make sure you cut the cardboard a little shorter in length than the box.

Step 3: Glue

-Again, this step will be a bit different if you use metal. I would recommend welding the seams. For cardboard, glue the layers together.

-Glue the cardboard in the box to line it.

-Then glue the top layer of cardboard a bit lower than the top to store a few Kleenex in it.

Step 4: Hook Up the Arduino and Breadboard

Follow the steps from this DIY if you want your box to lock.


Step 5: Connecting the Lock to the Box

1- cut a hole for the lock

2- tape or glue the lock to the cut off end.

3- poke hole in side to fit power chord for Arduino

4- use tape as a hinge or get a hinge for the top or side of the opening.

5- slide all the electronics into the box

Step 6: Using the Lock

You are now able to control the lock from your phone! You can now keep your valuables safe in your locked secret tissue box!

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